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Ethical is the new black


Gone are the days when “ethical fashion” was reserved for the hidden corridors of the fashion world and over the past decade, ethics has gone mainstream. This is in part, a direct result of a number of visible disasters. These incidents forced the fashion world to take a look at itself and change the parts that it no longer liked.

But what exactly is “ethical fashion”, how can you tell if a brand is ethical and how do we promote ethics within our business? In this blog post, we will be answering all of these questions and more, as we delve deeper into the meaning of the phrase.

What is “ethical fashion”?

“Ethical fashion” is an umbrella term which is used to describe a growing consciousness within the fashion industry. In essence, ethical fashion is a movement towards a fashion industry that seeks to produce clothing that minimises the impact that it has on the environment, whilst promoting fair terms and conditions for those that work within it. There are various different strands to the movement for ethical fashion but generally speaking, these can be split into 3 different aspects.


The documentary, True Cost, laid bare the negative impact that the fashion industry has had upon the environment and climates across the world. As a result of negligent waste dumping and means of sourcing materials, many environments have been adversely affected. This is an issue that ethical fashion produces seek to minimalize.


The Rana Plaza collapse in 2013 highlighted the unnecessary dangers that the fashion industry was posing for those that worked within it. Despite being repeatedly warned that the building was damaged and at risk of collapse, the fashion world chose not to take-action. In many ways the ethical fashion movement is a response to this and seeks to prevent anything like it from happening again.


The animal welfare debate has long been at the heart of the ethical fashion question and remains an important aspect. The ethical fashion debate seeks to ensure that the fashion world leaves no negative impact behind and that includes its treatment of animals.

How can I spot an ethical fashion brand?

If ethical fashion is important to a business, then they will clearly have this visible on their website. We suggest doing a bit of research and really looking into the policies and principles of the brands that you are interested in.

Are you ethical?

Yes. Here at Yogi and Boo, we place our consumers, commitments and staff at the heart of what we do. We are committed to our principles and to ensuring that we have a positive impact on those that work with us.

There is more information about our commitments on this page

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