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Why Batik is the new trend in pattern design

Read on to learn more about this timeless method.

For the unfamiliar, Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing that is applied to cloth.

Although an ancient art form first seen in Egypt, Batik is now best known in South-East Asia.

At Yogi & Boo we don’t buy into fast fashion, which is why we’re big fans of Batik, a timeless skill which we believe will be an evergreen style for many years to come. Read on to find out why.

It supports local artisans

By promoting the ancient art of Batik we support our local artisans

Unlike factory printing, batik is handmade and therefore a human element is added to the creation process, meaning each design ends up unique and no two garments produced from the final cloth will be the same.

In a world of fast production, Batik symbolises a step back to connect with our deeper and more authentic selves – the ones who love to create. Wearing a batik shows solidarity with an incredible medium and those who are masters in it..

It brings an old world skill to new designs

In 2009, UNESCO officially recognised batik as a ‘Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.’ Those who practice the artform are safeguarded and a movement to protect and promote the medium began.

Because of its cultural significance, the Batik method hasn’t changed in centuries.

At Yogi & Boo, we still use natural wax harvested from honey bees. Everything about our Batik is traditional, and bringing the artform to new clothing designs means it is more accessible for everyone. From boho prints to 70s inspired designs and vintage styles – increasing the renown is good for those who practice.

Beautiful Batik on racks | Yogi & Boo

Batik is Wearable Unique Art

For pattern manufacture to be commercially savvy it usually means long print presses of repeating motifs. These are churned out by the metre and defects or alterations in the pattern are considered faults – Batik changes all this.

Making Batik from scratch is a long process, often requiring several makers who are experts in their area of the creation process. The first step is applying the wax, we use the Cap process – a kind of wax applying stamp.

This is then dyed and the wax acts as a resist that stops the colour from penetrating certain areas. When the cloth is dry the wax is removed, and the process is repeated for the next colour. This keeps on going until the product is finished, with the end result being a garment that is truly unique.

Intricate Black and Gold Batik Patterns | Yogi & Boo

More than just a pattern

Those who practice the art of Batik say it is like a type of meditation. Not only a physical activity, but the art has a deeper dimension that carries the thoughts, hope and prayers of the maker.

By keeping your thoughts in the present, Batik centres mind, fosters patience and lets the soul be liberated through the creative outlet.

When you wear a Batik item, you get to share in the good thoughts and peaceful vibes that have gone into the creation. That sounds like a win to us.

It is a pleasure and an honour to work with skilled Batik artisans. We hope you love your Batik as much as we do.

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