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Reasons to choose an ethical clothing manufacturer in Bali

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Ethical clothing manufacturing means more than just the production process.

A truly ethical company extends ethics to every single business function.

From the material procurement to enforcing employee conditions, to responsible use of resources; in a world full of Greenwashing, it’s important to really evaluate who you trust to manufacture clothes for your brand.

Read on to discover our top three reasons to choose a truly ethical manufacturer in Bali.

You know the employees are well-looked-after.

How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.” – Paulo Coelho

In Bali, (and across the globe) your company is only as strong as your workers.

When looking for a clothing manufacturer, always ask about the team behind the clothes and how long they’ve been with the company. Do they receive entitlements or benefits? Is the work environment modern and clean?

At Yogi and Boo, our code of ethics when it comes to our employees and their conditions can be found here.

You can ease your mind knowing the company is doing its best not to harm the planet

In 2018, the fashion industry was responsible for 4% of the world’s global carbon emissions and in 2019 was the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply. With this devastating impact known around the world, an ethical clothing company should aim to be eco-conscious, too.

Be sure to check the manufacturers sourcing of fibres (ie: do they use plant-based fibres over synthetic ones?) and scrutinize their packaging.

At Yogi and Boo, the last thing we want is our clothing to end up contributing to the global plastic crisis. As such we’re proud to say that we’re a no-waste manufacturing company, with our cut-offs donated to local craftsmen and women. Our packaging is also biodegradable. 

You’ll support the local community

By choosing a holistically ethical clothing manufacturer in Bali, you’ll also be choosing to contribute to positive change in local communities. Employing skilled artisans and respecting the environment not only keeps sacred cultural crafts alive, but also ensures sustainability for the future.

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At Yogi & Boo, ethics is woven and stitched into everything we do.

By choosing us, you can relax knowing that from printing to packaging, our practices are ethical, environmentally-minded and the people making your clothes are supported.

Good to know: since we’ve pioneered these ethical initiatives, we’ve seen other companies in Bali follow our example. While we’re very pleased this has pushed the Bali clothing manufacturing industry in a positive direction, it’s also worth mentioning that a lot of websites simply copy and paste our commitments directly from our website to theirs. As both manufacturers, consumers and lovers of fashion, we hope to see our industry do better.

Please see our Ethics page for more information. 

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