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What to include in a design brief for clothing manufacturing

Are you stumped about what to include in your design brief?

A design brief is no joke. 

This is how you communicate what you want to us (your manufacturer) and what we use to create your dream designs. 

It helps us understand your goals and vision for your project, and ultimately ensures we create exactly what you’ve asked for. There is nothing worse than emailing back and forth to confirm small details – you don’t have time for that, and neither do we.

Designs on the wall of a clothing house | Yogi & Boo

At Yogi & Boo, we ask you to provide the following in your design brief: 

  1. Details on the items you are planning to produce and type of fabrication, be specific here so we can assess the feasibility of your project without having to request multiple clarifications. 
  2. Specify what the final creation has to do (its function) and what it should look like.
  3. What fabrics do you wish to use? We list our available fabrics here. Hot tip: read about the difference between knitted and woven fabrics before you make contact with us.  
  4. Specify what artwork you’d like to use. Is it yours? Please include a screenshot or example of the artwork to give us a reference.
  5. Clearly outline your project time frame. We suggest a minimum of 2-4 months for your first order from the development stage to the final delivery of bulk order. Keep in mind, we’re creating a completely custom design and not re-labelling existing clothing
  6. Attach trade sketches and measurements but please, no rough hand sketches. Always include trade or technical drawings with measurements. If there’s no measurements included it’s impossible to provide an accurate quote or sample.

 If you have been trading for over two years and would like to make the change to a more ethical way of production, please email us with your design brief addressing the above points to info@yogiandboo.com


✔ Owned by the same Australian/Balinese family since 1986

✔ We are the only clothing factory in Bali with our own in-house digital fabric printers that can print on both natural fibres (cotton, linen, rayon) and polyester for swim & active wear.

✔ We work by email and ship worldwide

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