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4 Reasons to love Ecovero Viscose

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At the core of Yogi & Boo is our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. 

So when a sustainable textile comes along which is as eco-minded as we are, we get excited! Introducing Ecovero – a sustainable viscose made from renewable wood fibres.

Read on for the four main reasons why we think Ecovero Viscose is a great option for your next textile project. 

Ecovero fabric benefits | Yogi & Boo

1. Ecovero Viscose has a low environmental impact

At Yogi & Boo, our commitment to being a sustainable clothing manufacturer drives our choices. Manufacturing Ecovero fibres produces 50% lower emissions, and uses significantly less water compared to generic Viscose. 

In addition, Ecovero takes only three months to break down when decomposed, unlike regular textiles made out of polyester which have been known to outlast 200 years in landfill.

Ecovero fibres are produced using wood pulp, made from renewable wood as the raw material.  The wood is purchased from responsibly managed forests and certified sustainable sources.

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2. Sustainability

At Yogi & Boo, Ecovero’s responsible production is something we can get behind! The company’s supply chain transparency is also a big plus. As even after the viscose has been through the manufacturing process, the Ecovero fibres are still identifiable in the final product. So consumers can be sure that eco-responsible Ecovero is being used. 

3. It’s trust-worthy

At Yogi & Boo we take the care of our team very seriously and provide access to superannuation, health care and life insurance. The same goes for our textile partners. Respect, diversity and inclusion: are the three fundamental pillars of Ecovero and their parent company, Lenzing. They offer basic healthcare with services ranging from medical examinations, therapy sessions, first-aid, emergency services and basic medical services for family members and employees. The motto; “From People – For People.” is definitely something we support.
Read more about Lenzing here.

Eco Labelling

4. Ecovero Viscose is certified with the Ecolabel

Ecovero is manufactured from certified and controlled wood sources and produced with significantly lower fossil energy use and water than generic viscose. 

It’s then branded with the certified and internationally recognized EU Ecolabel, which is only awarded to products with significantly lower environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.

Thinking and operating ethically for the environment isn’t just a mission for us at Yogi & Boo. By supporting products and companies who are also sustainability minded, we can offer a larger variety of choices and pass on eco-conscious textiles to consumers, leading to a better world.

To read more about the Yogi & Boo ethics and ethos click here, and to work with us to use this fibre in your products click here.

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