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Yogi and Boo is an ethically & sustainably minded clothing manufacturing company based in Bali, Indonesia, with over 30 years of trading history. We run a lean and high-quality garment production process, exporting to the United States, Australia, Europe, and Singapore, along with a reach in the Indonesian domestic market. 

Yogi and Boo focuses on delivering quality items and peace of mind as we adopt a lean Western management system. Our Managing Director is half Indonesian and half Australian with fluent English and Indonesian language skills and has grown up in his family business. 

Despite growing significantly over the last 35 years, Yogi and Boo have operated in the same facility since 1987 by the same family. We’ve pioneered the changes such as Ethical mindset and sustainable Digital textile printing, which has seen Bali become a clothing & garment manufacturing destination of the world.


Our Specialities



Our company specialises in producing high-end womens and mens resort wear, kids wear, swimwear, activewear, maternity wear, plus size clothing, casual wear, cushions, fabric toys, fabric bags and pet wear for large, mid and boutique brands. We also often produce other items such as uniforms and events/promo clothing. Other commonly ordered garments include all styles of t-shirts, shorts, pants, kaftans, resort and lifestyle clothing, sweaters, casual and streetwear clothes.

You can often see some of our production in high-end destinations such as Net-a-porter, Nordstroms, SAKS 5th Avenue and other world class retailers. We have also seen our production on celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Rhianna, and catwalks such as Australian Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and more.



Ethically Minded

“At Yogi and Boo Clothing, we are proud to be both SA8000 and ISO 14001 certified – The first and only clothing factory in Bali to be both truly ethically & environmentally certified.

These certifications reflect our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in our manufacturing processes. We strive to ensure our products are produced with the highest social and environmental responsibility standards.”

Satria Ngetis

Managing Director

Why Choose Us

The longest trading Australian & Balinese owned clothing manufacturer on the island since 1987! We are 100% family run, fluent in English & Indonesian, with long term staff and strong relationships with our fabric suppliers in Bali.

Sustainably and ethically minded always! The first and only clothing factory in Bali to be both truly ethically & environmentally certified - Most only 'claim' to be ethically or sustainable with no real documentation.

High boutique clothing production at the best price. Our high volume turnover allows us to buy fabric in bulk and receive the best prices from fabric suppliers

We have our import & export licence to allow tax free imports of fabric & accessories into Bali. No customs duties for importing any special fabrics, embellishments or accessories you may need. Only 2 factories in Bali have this license!

The ONLY Bali clothing manufacturer to offer in-house digital fabric printing services for both natural fibres & sublimation. No need to import expensive digitally printed fabrics and pay and wait for shipping into Bali. Your designs truly remain confidential at Yogi & Boo with in-house fabric printing.

The fastest clothing manufacturer in Bali. With average lead times of 4-7 weeks, Yogi and Boo is structured to global fast pace tempo.


Women’s swim wear made by Yogi & Boo for www.isleofwhite.co

Boardshorts & linen shirt made by Yogi & Boo for www.cactusroad.co

Women’s resort wear made by Yogi & Boo for www.isleofwhite.co

Meet The Dream Team

Meet our highly skilled team at Yogi and Boo Clothing Manufacturing. We employ over 110 people and our principals are simple: keep our team comfortable and productivity increases.
We keep a clean & tidy workplace and as such, we have been known as one of the cleanest clothing factories in Bali. We invite anyone to come and see our factory provided as an appointment is made.


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Office Contacts

We envision a global textile industry that protects and
restores the environment and enhances lives.

Jln Bhineka Jati Jaya GG IX
No 20 Kuta, Bali. Indonesia

Our Story

We Are Sustainable

We engage in sustainable practices to minimise waste at all costs, using cutting edge technology.

We Design Fabric

We are the ONLY Balinese clothing manufacturer with in house digital fabric printing services.

We Care

We are customer focused and ensure you have the best possible experience using our services.


How we began

Established in 1987 by Bali born Yogi Ngetis and his Australian expatriate wife Jenni, Yogi & Boo commenced trade as a small retail clothing store in Legian Street, Bali, selling both men’s and women’s wear in both traditional Batik fabrics and contemporary Western styles aimed at the developing tourist market.


In 1990, a small German fashion company approached Yogi & Boo and requested they manufacture various garments from the locally made Batik fabrics. Promptly, Yogi and Jenni converted their own backyard at their residence in Kuta, into a makeshift factory and managed to produce their first wholesale order with the help of employing local tailors. 

Steady Growth

As orders increased, the makeshift factory was soon properly built as a factory in their backyard as demand increased from international clothing companies to engage Indonesian clothing manufacturers. Later that year, a Swiss company, placed a prominent wholesale order with the company which led to the company purchasing land in Kuta to build their headquarters.

Steadily, the company’s manufacturing export market grew in the 1990s to countries such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Chile, and North America, Canada, Caribbean, French Polynesia.
As each of their five retail stores leases respectively ended, the owners decided to focus solely on clothing production and manufacturing due to high international demand and eventually the owners left the retail sector to concentrate on expanding their international production.


We Are Now

The company employs approximately 110+ staff, and produces annually for various high end to boutique fashion companies. The usual production of the company consists of resort and lifestyle wear, menswear such as street wear and surf wear, unisex exercise apparel, as well as hospitality uniforms and other industry specific apparel.

The monthly capacity is over 15,000 pieces, which comprises of 55% woven fabric and 45% of knitted fabrics. The most common fabrics used by the company include Rayon, Viscose, cotton and linen.

Apart from manufacturing clothing, the company also extends its services into yardage printing, fabric dyeing and placement printing.

Our Clients

The company’s clients are diverse, ranging from major resort wear retailers in the United States with one client ranging approximately 150 retail stores through US Mainland, to a client in Martha’s Vineyard (stocking 60 to 70 retail stores), Canada, Hawaii, and Australian clients (one client with over 450 stockists), and various other clients in New Zealand, Sweden and even Switzerland. We cater for small to high end mass bulk production in clothing and garments and pride ourselves on understanding consumers’ demands for Western high quality and time efficiency at a reasonable price.


Future Prospects

We aim to provide consistently high quality garments at a reasonable price and on time according to the client’s needs. We are driven to keep up to date with technology in the clothing industry and increasing efficiency through using digital software and computer assisted designs (CAD) for patterns and markers. We also aim to increase our endeavours in providing environmentally positive change in the industry and more locally, our factory, where we have taken numerous measures to decrease our carbon footprint and recycle. We also aim to continue to foster our staff to achieve the best they can in both the factory and personal endeavours, as happy staff have been integral to our success for almost 30 years in the garment industry. 


Yogi & Boo has also managed to open a sister company, Palm Printing Co, www.palmprinting.co  to satisfy the growing need in the local and international community for an affordable, high quality and on time digital fabric printing service. Palm Printing is run by the same family, and specialises in print only services to both existing clientele and the public at large.   The company specialises in digital sublimation printing and is expanding into digital printing on rayon, viscose, cotton and other natural fabrics in 2019.