Yogi & Boo Ethical Clothing Manufacturer Bali

Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to contacting us please review our most frequently asked questions. We look forward to assisting you!

Pricing examples excluding shipping, please see below:

  • Men’s T-shirt 160-200gsm 100% Super combed cotton w single print: USD7.50- 9.50 / FOB
  • Women’s Maxi Dress in Woven 100% Rayon custom screenprint: USD14 – USD20 / FOB
  • Women’s Custom screen printed Jersey dress: USD15 – USD 24 / FOB
  • Digitally printed Resort wear dress 100% Viscose: USD20 – USD30 / FOB
  • Digitally Printed Bikini Set or one-piece swimsuit: USD18 – USD26 / FOB
  • Men’s Chino pants: USD16 – USD20 / FOB
  • Women’s Beach pants 100%Cotton solid colour: USD9 – USD15 / FOB
  • Digitally printed Men’s Board Shorts: USD 15 – USD 20 / FOB


All prices are FOB & Including fabric, printing/dyeing & packing based on an average order of 50-150pcs per style/colour.

Our minimum total order generally starts off at 800 pieces for your entire order. This is for your total order and can be made up of a mix of styles, colours and sizes. Please note, other minimums apply for styles, colours (if dyeing/printing is required) and sizes.

Generally, per style in a single colour, our MOQ is 50-100pcs with mixed sizes.

Total order minimum of 800-1000pcs generally applies, which can be divided amongst different styles.

Unfortunately, we don’t work with start-up labels as we specifically focus on production for mid to high-end brands that have been trading for at least 2 years.

Startups generally require clothing manufacturers who are specialised in low minimum quantity orders and have more time to dedicate to educating the client on the manufacturing process. It’s nothing personal, we promise.

Sampling is a labour & cost-intensive process, therefore, we only have a limited amount of sampling space available.

We generally only consider companies with 2 years of solid trading as a fashion brand as it provides a reference point that your brand is able and ready to hit the ground running with us with proven trading history. Our clientele usually has a combination of a registered business, a website with a catalogue of their brand’s products, wholesale stockists and/or physical retail stores, and a strong social media following.

We know everyone has to start somewhere so if you are a start-up or are slightly under the requirements above you are welcome to send us an email ( info@yogiandboo.com ) and we may be able to assess your requirement or provide you with a list in the local area.

The first step is for us to assess feasibility. In order to do this we require for the client to submit a design brief, tech packs or spec sheets so we can provide a confidential and obligation free quote.

We will not be able to respond to any request for quotes or prices with out these items of information. Further information can be found here

​You can find a “ball park” price list below for a very general guide on what kind of costs to expect for some general items. Because each piece of clothing has so many variables, we are unable to provide accurate costs to you without seeing the design in detail. The design, printing/dying requirements, fabric to be used and amount, size range, quantity to be ordered and things like embellishments, all need to be carefully factored in when costing each piece of clothing.

​We receive many daily enquiries along the lines of “What is the cost of producing a dress like this?” accompanied with an instagram screenshot of something they like. We aren’t suited to working this way, so it would be better to research a factory who would be able to work this way.

​Once the tech pack or design brief has been submitted to us in full, we will then take approximately 7 days to respond to you for a quote

Yes we can help you provided the items you require are feasible for us to make & you are able to meet our quantities.

​We understand not everybody who owns a retail or online store has studied fashion, so instead of submitting a detailed design brief, we are able to easily work with samples that need only be copied to reproduce a collection. If the samples need to be amended, then we will require a spec sheet with detailed measurements.

We are not a fashion wholesaler, we do not carry any seasonal collections or stock at this stage.

We only have a basic range of t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers and polo shirts for individual branding.

Occasionally we use images from www.isleofwhite.co or www.cactusroad.co whom we make clothing for, and if you email these companies, they may be able to assist you

We are a by appointment only factory, so we are unable to cater for walk-in appointments under any circumstances. We stress this because it’s disappointing for you to be turned away at the front gate after catching a cab to find us, especially in the tropical heat. And even more so, after finding out we can’t produce what you are requiring anyway, eg leather made goods, some apparel items etc.

We try to respect both yours and our time by only conducting scheduled meetings with those companies we know we can produce their items and within their budgets. You would have already been provided with a detailed quote and we would know much of your range and your requirements, which makes the meeting a productive one leading to the production of samples with a fast turnaround

We first need you to provide your design brief via email, which will then assess whether we can make your items, and if so, we will provide you with a quote. If this quote is workable for you, then we can look towards scheduling a physical meeting at our factory (although we can easily still work online via email without a physical appointment). In fact, many of our clients we have not yet met face to face – it is very easy these days to work via email, and have orders shipped in and out of Bali.

​Working over long distances is not a barrier to us. We are always online (Bali time) and know just how fast fashion works.

Yes we do. We often produce uniforms for companies such as hotels and fitness clubs within Bali, and also overseas.

We also produce items such as printed singlets for gyms, polo shirts for sport teams, rash vests for surflife saving clubs and band t-shirts.

​We do have minimum quantities which need to be met for printing and production purposes. Our total minimum order is 1000 pieces, which can be made up of a variety of sizes and styles.

Yes, we offer digital printing on a variety of woven & knitted fabrics.

We also specialise in Digital Sublimation printing as we are the first garment factory in Bali to have our own in house printer. Our sister company Palm Printing Co, www.palmprinting.co is also run by us to satisfy the printing needs from our current in house clients and also service fabric only services from the public (meaning, you don’t require garments made by Yogi & Boo, just printed fabric only).

We can print as a stand alone service or can charge on a “per item” basis if you are also manufacturing with us. As an estimate a digital printed garment is slightly more expensive than a screen printed garment. A rayon maxi dress with normal printing is roughly USD12-USD15, the same dress digitally printed would be approximately USD20-USD25.

That said, digitally printing on fabric has many benefits over screen printing.

  • Digitally printing on fabric is fast. We have a turnaround of fabric within a few days in Palm Printing, whereas screen printing takes weeks to receive printed fabric from the screen printers. Screen printing delays our production process as we are unable to do anything until we receive the printed fabric from the printers.
  • Digitally printed fabric is an environmentally clean and sustainable way to print in Bali. We encourage you to head over to a screen printers factory to see the conditions in which they work. All the excess paints are thrown directly into the rivers once the printing is finished, and the paints are absorbed straight into the printers’ skin. Their is no such risk to the environment or our team with our clean digital printing methods.
  • Digitally printed fabric has an unlimited array of colours which are able to be printed. Screen printing can only print up to 6 colours.
  • Digitally printed fabric also does not attract any set up cost. We receive your artwork and print. Screen printing attracts a fee of $75USD per screen, which the screen printers need to make.
  • Digitally printed fabric is consistent in precise printing results. Because screen printing relies on humans to press painted screens onto fabric, there is much more chance of having defect print work which may be rejected by us and will need to go back to the screen printers to be fixed. This causes delays in production which are out of our control.
  • Digital printing requires a lower printing minimum. Screen printers set their minimum printing requirements with us, so you may need to print more fabric unnecessarily to meet their minimums.
  • Digital printing is the way of the future of fast but ethical fashion. You can produce current artwork trending around the globe, very quickly and at a high print quality.
  • Digital printing is ideal for the sampling process. No unnecessary high minimums needed to print, and the swatch will match production as there is no risk of the human element mixing paints in screen printing. We just print your artwork file again.
  • Digital printing gives you perfect reruns of print for collections or styles. Your re run will look just like the first drop did, and won’t have the variation in print colors that screen printing will attract because of the human element in mixing paints to color match to your first drop.

​That said, we are still able to engage screen printing services if that is your preference for printing and we always engage the most ethical screen printers in the region.

We sure do!

At Yogi & Boo being an ethical clothing factory is something we take very seriously, for a list of our ethical commitments & social responsibility please see here.

​We are also sustainably minded in our production processes, and the minimisation of waste is central to how we operate. This also passes to the client in cost savings – we aim to be precise as possible when ordering fabric, and have an electronic process to estimate the fabric usage per design as opposed to the old school method of receiving an estimate of fabric usage from our employees.

​Sustainable practices also feature in a our plastic ban at the factory, as well as using electricity and water saving practices to ensure our community imprint is a positive one

We have a simplified process flow chart please see here

We are unable to answer such a generalised question as this without a brief, line sheet or specifications on the item. It’s kind of like asking a builder how much a house cost without seeing any architect plans.


For details on setup costs & pricing examples excluding shipping, please see below:

  • Men’s T-shirt 160-200gsm 100% Super combed cotton w single print: USD7.50- 9.50 / FOB
  • Women’s Maxi Dress in Woven 100% Rayon custom print: USD14 – USD20 / FOB
  • Women’s Custom screen printed Jersey dress: USD15 – USD 24 / FOB
  • Digitally printed Resort wear dress 100% Viscose: USD20 – USD30 / FOB
  • Digitally Printed Bikini Set or one-piece swimsuit: USD18 – USD26 / FOB
  • Men’s Chino pants: USD16 – USD20 / FOB
  • Women’s Beach pants 100%Cotton solid colour: USD9 – USD15 / FOB
  • Digitally printed Men’s Board Shorts: USD 15 – USD 20 / FOB

    All prices are FOB & Including fabric, printing/dyeing & packing based on an average order of 50-150pcs per style/colour.

Setup costs that may be applicable:

    • Sampling cost: 2x bulk cost of item + USD15 sample sewing loading.
    • Woven labels USD180– USD300 for 6000pcs (MOQ)
    • Printed Labels USD50 – USD150 for 1000pcs
    • Hang Tags/Tickets USD0.08-USD0.25 per piece.

No, unfortunately we do not produce evening wear or suiting. We also do not work with leather, wool or sequinned items.

Yes, we regularly produce children’s wear, especially for export to Australia and the United States. We have manufactured items such as children’s dresses, chinos, street wear, swimwear, bikinis, one-pieces, t-shirts, rompers, soft fabric toys and lots more.

​We work with established boutique children’s wear labels to high end kids wear labels, and have grading for children’s wear available. We wish we could tell you who we work for, because we are proud at the end results of our production, but unfortunately we can’t due to our confidentiality agreements with those labels.

The kids wear market is a particularly competitive industry, and we are often asked, “Do you guys manufacture for X label?”, to which we kindly reply that we are unable to comment on who or who we do not work for.

Please note that minimums are generally double that of standard adult sizing simply due to their fabric usage being much lower

Yes we can cater to this, we even have a selection of styles you can add your own print/design to.

Yes, we do. We are the ONLY clothing manufacturer in Bali to have our own in-house digital fabric printing facility, printing on both natural based fabric, 100% organic fabrics and sublimation printing (polyester based fabrics).

We are a one stop clothing manufacturing, meaning we specialise in start to finishing manufacturing, from sourcing fabric to printing, manufacturing, and shipping the final product.

​We have trusted fabric suppliers and other third party suppliers that we have been working with for many years (we have been trading since 1987 in Kuta), so we are able to purchase fabric with a quality guarantee – if there are any faults in the fabric, it is easily returnable to the fabric factory and replaced instantly with no change.

​We also are a regular bulk fabric buyer from our fabric suppliers, and for very large orders, we can order direct from the fabric mill months in advance to ensure a steady stream of the required fabric is available to fulfil your order.

No we don’t, so rest assured we don’t share any of your previous work with any of our clients.

We have strict confidentially agreements, which is why we don’t show a huge portfolio section on our page. The brands that allow us to show our work on social media or our website have expressly provided their permission to us.

​We understand how fierce the fashion industry is, and how quick others are in the market to copy and release designs, so confidentiality is key to our long lasting relationships with clients.

Yes, we produce swimwear however only items that do not require underwire.

We are able to produce bikinis, triangle tops, Brazillian bottoms, shirring bandeaus, crochet bikinis.

We also offer digital sublimation printing for swimwear & active wear by our sister company, Palm Printing Co, www.palmprinting.co

​If you are after printing only services for bikinis, Palm Printing Co is suited for you.

Yes, we provide this as part of our service as part of our manufacturing package with your label.

​Unfortunately we are unable to source labels and tags if we are not producing your label, as this is a complimentary service offered to our in-house clients.

​Both woven or printed labels are available and tags can be made from a variety of different qualities of card & paper.

We have 5 points of quality control

  1. All fabric is inspected before and after printing, any flaws are marked and if number of flaws exceed our standard grade it is returned/re printed.
  2. Our markers are computer nested and a coding system ensures the correct styles are cut.
  3. Each machinist sees an entire garment through from start to finish therefore any marks or flaws are quickly picked up.
  4. Our QC team will measure, check for flaws, stains and test pull stress areas of the garment.
  5. The production manager & assistant manager will conduct random spot check through out the order cycle.

We box & pack each order for shipping however the client generally organises a pick up by either a courier account (we suggest DHL or TNT) or a cargo company such as an Airfreight. We can suggest for orders under 2000pcs/25boxes to use DHL or TNT, prices range between USD8-12/kg depending where you are located in the world. For orders over 2000pcs we suggest either Airfreight or Seafreight. Airfreight usually costs USD4-6/kg and seafreight is charge per CBM.

We only start production once a 50% Deposit towards the work has been made. Once production or work is finished and ready to ship we will notify the client and balance owing to be paid prior to shipping. We only ship the remainder of goods upon clearance of the final payment owing.