Yogi & Boo Ethical Clothing Manufacturer Bali

Get To Know Our Team

Highly Skilled

Our team is comprised of highly motivated and skilled professionals to ensure the highest quality products.


Most of our team have been with us for many years. Their experience with the manufacturing industry is next to none.

Positive Environment

We care deeply about our team and ensure we maintain a happy & healthy environment for our team.


Satria Ngetis

I was 16, when I started my own label and it was stocked in three local surf shops in Kuta. When I turned 21, I made a resort wear collection in Australia and in the process, met my first soon to be manufacturing client. Once I got the taste of the manufacturing side of things, I left my labels and went full time into manufacturing. Growing up around my family, whom collectively founded the company when I was 2 years old, it seemed as if knowledge and processes of the garment industry came naturally to me.

The continuous problem solving and when all aspects of a brief or an order come together seemlessly. Basically, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish for the client as well as for my staff.

Being born in Bali and raised through my teen years in Australia, I am able to understand and grasp both languages and cultural barriers which can overcome a lot of commonly seen issues foreigners face when conducting business in Indonesia. We are also one of the longest running garment manufacturers in Bali, and have a great reputation for producing high quality, reasonably priced garments in bulk and on time with deadlines. We have a client centred approach – from translating spec sheets to product delivery, we offer a complete service to see clients through their seasons. We want our clients to grow with us. Some of our clients have been with us for over 25 years.

First and foremost, have a proper plan! Submit a complete design brief with a tech pack and be as specific as possible as to your requirements. Working without a brief is like asking us to build a house to your liking with no set plans – almost impossible to do given the range of variables possible in any one garment.


I enjoy gardening, snorkelling, reading, and going to the gym. I used to be an avid surfer and this year have started get back into it!

Production Manager, Made "Darta" Sudarta.

I was asked to work here by the founder, Yogi Ngetis, in 1992, and started working in the factory as a runner/factory hand.

I enjoy learning new skills and solving new problems every day along with the comforts of working here.

Swimming and surfing but I try my best to keep fit.


Assist. Manager, Iluh Widiani.

In 1997, I wanted to change industries and was learning to sew at the same time so when I came across the advertisement in the paper, I thought it was the right job for me.

Believe it or not, everything! The comfortable working conditions, and working only Monday to Friday standard business hours gives me the full weekend to spend with my family.

I like to garden and also surf Instagram.


Sewing & Sample Supervisor - I Wayan Suasta.

7 Years with the company – 33 Industry Years experience.

Head Pattern Maker, Wayan "Kapten" Ginatra.

Yogi & Boo would be the company that it is today if Kapten didn’t join our small team. He’s the first employee from day 1.
34 years YB – 40 Years Industry Experience.

Head CAD pattern maker - Satria Gusti A.M

6 years with YB – 34 Years Industry experience.

Fabric Control & Warehousing, Fatur Rosi & Dewa Supariana.

We like to call these two the dynamic duo. Fatur is a meticolous number cruncher and Dewa has eyes like a bald eagle, he will spot a fabric slub from a mile away. With these two on board our fabric QC has become a game changer. If there is a practical joke going around the factory, safe bet it came from one of these two. 


The Print Team

Mahendra Agus Tyawan – Digital Graphics Departement & Print room leader – 1 years YB experience – 2 Years Industry Experience
Asep Sopian – Print & Press Operator – 2 Years Yb – 2 years Industry.
Eka – Print & Press Rookie – 1 Years YB – 1 Year Industry.

The Cutting Team

Our cutting team is the pace setter of the factory. The faster these guys cut, the faster the order gets shipped. We have invested extensively over the last 4 years into machines and methods to help alleviate bottle-necks. 

Fatoni – Cutting & Button specialist – 1 year Yb – 13 Years Industry Experience.
Sumaryatno – Cutting Team – 2 years YB – 14 Years Industry Experience.
Komang Yudi – Cutting Team Leader – 2 years YB – 25 years Industry Experience.
Herman – Cutting Team – 8 Years YB – 35 Years Industry Experience.

The "Button Guys"

These guys are responsible for every single button & buttonhole on all our garments, close to half a million buttons a year! They work as a fantastic team and have been with us for 13 & 11 years respectively. 

Gede Suteja – Button Specialist – 15 Years YB – 22 years Industry Experience.
Nuralim – Post Cut inspector & sorter – 17 years YB – 20 years Industry Experience.

The Quality Control Leaders

Luh Srinati – QC Team Measurement Specialist – 2 Years YB – 15 Years Industry Experience.
Ketut Suardani – QC Team Leader – 7 Years Yb – 25 Years Industry Experience.
Tri Yuliani – QC Sewing specialist – 5 Year YB – 17 Years Industry Experience.
Kadek Ariani – QC Team Rookie – 1 Year Yb – 3 Years Industry Experience
Ketut Sukasih – QC Team “Final Eyes” – 1 Year YB – 7 years Industry Experience.