Yogi & Boo Ethical Clothing Manufacturer Bali

Environmental Pledge

As of 2014, we have pledged to decrease our plastic waste & rubbish destined for land fill.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The first clothing manufacturer to implement biodegradable plastic packaging for all our items produced.

No Waste Manufacturing

Any fabric cut offs are not put to waste – we either donate the extra to local sewers to make extra products.

Our Ethical Mission & Sustainable Practices Guide


Social Mission:

“How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.” -Paulo Coelho


How we look after our staff:

  • Any member of staff that has held their position of 12 months is invited to our superannuation, health care & life insurance program. We have partnered with one of the best firms available in Indonesia -www.prudential.co.id
  • Once a member, our staff receives private hospital cover, a retirement fund begins accruing as well as full life insurance. The cost of this is completely subsidized by Yogi & Boo and to this date we are yet to discover another clothing factory in Bali to provide this for their workers however we hope for many more to come.

  • We provide 2 weeks full pay leave and infinite full pay sick leave. We believe if you’re sick, it’s the worst time to not have a pay slip come in. We also provide three months fully paid maternity leave as standard procedure.

  • We comply and exceed all government salary & working hour laws (we only work 40 hours per week)

  • We offer no-interest micro-financing to all our staff to help them reach their goals & dreams. Most seek finance to purchase sewing machines for their homes in order to increase their monthly pay packet.

  • We provide a profit sharing scheme to all our staff, where 5% of profits are distributed yearly and this is on top of New Years bonus and their holiday bonus of double pay.

The Work Environment:


  • Our factory is constantly being improved with one of our biggest being completed this year. We have introduced more natural lighting & slowly replacing tiring fluorescent bulbs with Daylight LEDs.
  • Our in house digital printing department is the highly sustainable with zero effluent waste water and no chemical run off.
  • High power exhaust fans expel fabric dust from the factory floor and in our main cutting room low-watt Air conditioning is installed.
  • Our factory is constantly cleaned through out the day to make it one of Bali’s cleanest clothing factory.                               
  • Clean western toilets are installed and antibacterial gel dispensers dotted around the facility.