Yogi & Boo Ethical Clothing Manufacturer Bali

Kids, Infant & Baby

Kids, Infant & Baby

One of our specialties and most commonly produced items is children’s wear, often exported to high end boutiques in the United States & Australia.
We are able to produce most kinds of kids & infant items such as:
Rashies & board shorts  Click here

We have long standing relationships with our fabric suppliers in Bali and within greater Indonesia, and because we buy bulk fabric in tonnes regularly, we are able to receive discounts from the suppliers, meaning high quality fabrics at the best possible price to our clients. These are common fabrics we source and work with:


  • Rayon 1, Rayon 2, Rayon Voile, Rayon Crepe, Rayon Satin, Rayon Satin-Elastane, Rayon Twill, rayon

    herringbone, Rayon crinkle.

  • Cotton Voile, Cotton Poplin, Cotton Twill, Cotton canvass, Cotton Chambray, Cotton crinkle, Cotton

    satin, Cotton-Elastane.

  • Viscose georgette, Viscose voile, Viscose crinkle georgette.

  • Tencel Voile, Tencel satin, tencell-linen blend.

  • Silk Habutai, Silk satin, Silk Chiffon, Silk Georgette, Silk Crepe de Chine, Silk twill.

  • Linen, Linen-rayon blend, Linen-rami blend, Linen-silk blend.

  • Polyester Microfibre 

  • Knitted:

  • Rayon Jersey, Rayon-Elastane, Rayon Rib.

  • Viscose-Elastane, Viscose Poly-elastane.

  • Cotton single jersey, Cotton double-knit jersey, Cotton-Rib, Cotton-Elastane.

  • Nylon-Elastane.

  • Tencel jersey, Tencel-Elastane jersey.

  • Modal jersey, Modal-Elastane jersey. Modal-Cotton jersey.

  • Bamboo-Cotton jersey, Bamboo-Cotton Elastane jersey.

  • Polyester-Elastane, Polyamide-Elastane

  • Carvico & Econyl branded fabrics

  • Note that all fabrics above may come in various weights & grades.

We are 1 of only 2 factories to have an importing & exporting license which means importing high quality swimwear fabric into Bali from Italy or the US (or any other country) is tax exempt and duty free for clients of our factory!

Clothing manufacturers who do not have this importing license in Bali will be forced to pay import tax and customs duties for any fabric imports or embellishments which will be an added expense payable by the client.

We import A grade hardware sourced from overseas manufacturers who supply hardware to high end swimwear brands.

Yes we can! We are the ONLY Bali clothing manufacturer to have in house digital printing facilities for both natural & organic fabrics as well as sublimation printing for clothing through our sister company, Palm Printing Co (www.palmprinting.co)

In fact, many of our swimwear printing clients are other Bali swimwear manufacturers who use our services then add on a premium to their client for the service.  We have a two day turnaround for digital fabric printing while other manufacturers have to wait weeks to receive printed fabric from their suppliers, making our production faster and delivered to you sooner.

Benefits of printing in house with Yogi & Boo:

  • Low cost printing direct from the manufacturer. Other swimwear manufacturers must pay third parties to print for them therefore paying a premium for the service, we print everything in our factory.

  • Fast turnaround time for swimwear – printing in house means we can instantly print your order rather than wait for third party delays.

  • Quality control – we only settle for the best in printing results from our machines, and do not have to rely on quality issues with third party suppliers.

  • Confidentiality in designs – we are 100% confidential with your designs. Other factories must hire third party printers who can duplicate your designs for other clients or sell left over fabric from your order, even if confidentiality agreements are in place.

  • We can print solid colours to match your prints – for a concise looking range, we can match colours from your prints and print solid colours to complement your range. No need to source solid colours to match your range.


Our minimum is 1000 pieces for an entire order, which can be made up of a number of different styles and colours

As there are a number of variables to each style, we require to see your design brief and then we can assess feasibility and provide guide costing

SAMPLING PROCESS: Usually less than 1 week from payment of our invoice.

PRODUCTION: Once you have paid the 50% order deposit, approximately 6 weeks but usually less than this timeframe.

DELIVERY: Usually 3 to 5 days via DHL or your nominated shipper. We ship your order asap after the balance of your order has been paid in full.


Email your design brief with spec sheets to info@yogiandboo.com for a confidential and obligation free quote.