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Women’s Resort Wear

Women's Resort Wear

Producing women’s resort wear is one of our specialities & we only use the best available fabric from our trusted suppliers. We commonly produce the following garments in women’s resort wear:
Kaftans & Coverups
Tshirts, blouses, singlets & more
Playsuits / rompers
Sleepwear & eye masks
Shorts, skirts, pants
Headscarves & lots more styles!
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We have long standing relationships with our fabric suppliers in Bali and within greater Indonesia, and because we buy bulk fabric in tonnes regularly, we are able to receive discounts from the suppliers, meaning high quality fabrics at the best possible price to our clients. These are common fabrics we source and work with:


  • Rayon 1, Rayon 2, Rayon Voile, Rayon Crepe, Rayon Satin, Rayon Satin-Elastane, Rayon Twill, rayon

    herringbone, Rayon crinkle.

  • Cotton Voile, Cotton Poplin, Cotton Twill, Cotton canvass, Cotton Chambray, Cotton crinkle, Cotton

    satin, Cotton-Elastane.

  • Viscose georgette, Viscose voile, Viscose crinkle georgette.

  • Tencel Voile, Tencel satin, tencell-linen blend.

  • Silk Habutai, Silk satin, Silk Chiffon, Silk Georgette, Silk Crepe de Chine, Silk twill.

  • Linen, Linen-rayon blend, Linen-rami blend, Linen-silk blend.

  • Polyester Microfibre 

  • Knitted:

  • Rayon Jersey, Rayon-Elastane, Rayon Rib.

  • Viscose-Elastane, Viscose Poly-elastane.

  • Cotton single jersey, Cotton double-knit jersey, Cotton-Rib, Cotton-Elastane.

  • Nylon-Elastane.

  • Tencel jersey, Tencel-Elastane jersey.

  • Modal jersey, Modal-Elastane jersey. Modal-Cotton jersey.

  • Bamboo-Cotton jersey, Bamboo-Cotton Elastane jersey.

  • Polyester-Elastane, Polyamide-Elastane

  • Carvico & Econyl branded fabrics

  • Note that all fabrics above may come in various weights & grades.

We are 1 of only 2 factories to have an importing & exporting license which means importing high quality swimwear fabric into Bali from Italy or the US (or any other country) is tax exempt and duty free for clients of our factory!

Clothing manufacturers who do not have this importing license in Bali will be forced to pay import tax and customs duties for any fabric imports or embellishments which will be an added expense payable by the client.

We import A grade hardware sourced from overseas manufacturers who supply hardware to high end swimwear brands.

Yes we can! We are the ONLY Bali clothing manufacturer to have in house digital printing facilities for both natural & organic fabrics as well as sublimation printing for swimwear through our sister company, Palm Printing Co (www.palmprinting.co)

In fact, many of our printing clients are other Balinese manufacturers who use our services then add on a premium to their client for the service.  We have a two day turnaround for digital fabric printing while other manufacturers have to wait weeks to receive printed fabric from their own printing suppliers, making our production faster and delivered to you sooner.

Benefits of digital fabric printing in house with Yogi & Boo:

  • Digitally printing on fabric is fast. We have a turnaround of fabric within a few days in Palm Printing, whereas it takes weeks to receive printed fabric from the screen printers. Screen printing delays our production process as we are unable to do anything until we receive the printed fabric from the printers. 

  • Digitally printed fabric is an environmentally clean and sustainable way to print in Bali. We encourage you to head over to a screen printers factory to see the conditions in which they work. All the excess paints are thrown directly into the rivers once the printing is finished, and the paints are absorbed straight into the printers’ skin. Their is no such risk to the environment or our team with our clean digital printing methods.

  • Digitally printed fabric has an unlimited array of colours which are able to be printed. 

  • Digitally printed fabric also does not attract any set up cost. We receive your artwork and print. Screen printing attracts a fee of $75USD per screen, which the screen printers need to make.

  • Digitally printed fabric is consistent in precise printing results.Because screen printing relies on humans to press painted screens onto fabric, there is much more chance of having defect print work which may be rejected by us and will need to go back to the screen printers to be fixed. This causes delays in production which are out of our control.

  • Digital printing requires a lower printing minimum. Screen printers set their minimum printing requirements with us, so you may need to print more fabric unnecessarily to meet their minimums.  

  • Digital printing is the way of the future of fast but ethical fashion. You can produce current artwork trending around the globe, very quickly and at a high print quality.

  • Digital printing is ideal for the sampling process. No unnecessary high minimums needed to print, and the swatch will match production as there is no risk of the human element mixing paints in screen printing. We just print your artwork file again.

  • Digital printing gives you perfect reruns of print for collections or styles. Your re run will look just like the first drop did, and won’t have the variation in print colours that screen printing will attract because of the human element in mixing paints to colour match to your first drop.

  • Setup cost: None

  • MOQ: 5 metres per print

  • Maximum width: Natural based fibres: 1.85m  Sublimation (poly based): 1.55m

  • Colours: unlimited array

  • Printable Media: Woven & Knitted Cotton, Rayon and linen.

  • Colours matched using TPX Pantones.

  • Graphic artist redrawing available (if necessary)

  • Required artwork: 

Screen Printing

For flat bed screen printing our minimum quantities start as low as 120 meters per print colour which is around 45 dresses or 80 blouses in the same print. We can generally develop a new print from artwork submission to printing of sample fabric in under 2 weeks.

  • For quantities over 3000yds/print we commission one of our high quality rotary printing mills, prices are more cost effective and higher number of colours can be achieved with this method however only a selection of base fabrics can be used.

  • Timeline for rotary printing 2-3 weeks for strike off and 4-5 weeks for printing. Most of the artwork we process for screen fabric printing is Spot colours with some CMYK (Process), if you don’t know the difference click HERE

  • Setup cost: Each screen is $75USD.

  • MOQ Yardage screen printing: 120 metres per print

  • MOQ for Placement printing : 50pcs per graphic MOQ / per colour way.

  • Maximum size 45cmX40cm

  • 1-6 Colours (Spot colour) & CMYK Process colours.

  • Available inks: Water based absorbent ink, Water Based latex, Plastisol, Foil print, Flock print.

  • Printable Media: Woven & Knitted Cotton, Rayon and linen.

  • Screen Exposure & film charge of IDR250K/ Per Colour screen to setup.

  • Graphic design charges IDR150K per artwork (If artwork not print ready)

  • Colours matched using TPX Pantones.

Batik and traditional wax stamp printing

A traditional South-East Asian printing method has always been a favourite in our company as it embodies the ethnic experience within a fabric. The colours are mesmerizing and a great deal of beauty can be concocted from the imperfections and abstract nature of Batik printing.

Everything about Batik is traditional we even still use natural wax harvested from Honey Bees, the main ingredient in creating the wax resist dyeing and printing method.

Batik is in a league of its own and is a great medium to work with as small runs can easily be made to cater each client with only a small setup fee.  Some examples of stamp batik and its designs can be seen HERE

Setup cost: A batik stamp costs about $15-$40 USD

MOQ: 45meter MOQ per print/colour

Dyes: Reactive dyes only.

Printable Media: Woven & Knitted cotton and rayon.

Ready to choose stamps/designs available.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks Strikeoffs & 2-4weeks production.

Custom design stamp setup / engraving starting at IDR800K

Colour matching tolerance 5-12% (hand printed & dyed)

Colours matched using TPX Pantones or swatches/images.

We produced this dress for our Australian client – it is made from screen printed crepe
We produced this dress with traditional batik stamping for our client in the US.

Tie Dyeing / Dip Dyeing / Ombre

  • 50meter MOQ or 30 Garments per colour

  • Reactive dyes

  • Dyeable Media: Cotton, Rayon, Viscose, Silk & Linen.

  • Lead time 1-2 weeks Strikeoffs & 2-4weeks production.

  • Colour matching tolerance 5-12% (hand printed & dyed)

  • Colours matched using TPX Pantones or swatches/images

  • Eco friendly dyes

Low MOQ Fabric Dyeing

  • MOQ 50meters/Colour.

  • Colourfast reactive dyes.

  • Lead time 1-2 weeks Lab dips & 2-3 weeks production.

  • Locally dyed in Bali.

  • Colour matching tolerance 10% (semi manual process)

  • Colours matched using TPX Pantones or fabric swatches. For optimal dyeing results we recommend Mill Fabric dyeing.

We produced this dress with ombre dip dyeing method for our client in the US.
We produced this dress with our dyeing method for www.isleofwhite.co

Bulk production:
Per style in a single colour 50-100pcs depending on the style.
Total order minimum applies of 1000pcs OR to the value of USD8,000 Sizes can mixed according to client’s request.
Example of common MOQ’s:

  • T-shirts: 100pcs/per style in a single colour fabric.

  • Crop tops, mini skirts : 75pcs/per style in a single colour fabric.

  • Pants, Blouses & short dresses: 50pcs/per style in a single colour fabric.

  • Maxi Dresses: 50/per style in a single colour fabric.

  • Kids clothing: 75-100pcs/per style in a single colour fabric.

Below are some example pricing of our commonly produced items excluding shipping. All prices are

approximates. ​

  • Womens Maxi Dress in Woven 100% Rayon Custom print: USD14 – USD19 / FOB

  • Womens Beach pants 100% Cotton solid colour: USD9 – USD15 / FOB

  • Womens Custom Printed Jersey dress : USD15 – USD 24 / FOB

  • All prices FOB & Including fabric & packing based on average ordering of 50-150pcs per style/colour. Exclusive of Hang tags, brand labels & any setup/sample costs.

  • Initial prototypes/fit samples & pattern making 1-2 weeks (or less if digital printing)

  • Sourcing 1-2 weeks.

  • Salesman samples 3-4 weeks (or less if digital printing)

  • Bulk Production Garments 6-8 weeks (inc fabric printing/dyeing)

  • Shipping to you: usually 3 to 5 days with DHL or your own carrier.

Digital printing only service: 1 -3 weeks depending on quantity required.

We recommend booking ahead 1-2 months for a factory space allocation. Time frames are exclusive of shipping times, quoting/sourcing items required and any sample “re-working or amendments.

Shipping prices vary dramatically subject to location, weight/volume & negotiated rate with shipper. From experience we suggest clients to allow between 10-25% of their Bulk order value on shipping. The less amount shipped the more expensive the rate becomes. 1-5kgs can cost up to USD45/kg whereas 50-100kgs can cost as little as UDS6.80/kg. Most of our clients use their own shipping carriers, and we would recommend an account with DHL.

Examples of Our Work

 Take a look below. All garments that feature on our website have been made by us.