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Fabric Sourcing, Printing & Dyeing


Fabric Sourcing

Yogi & Boo garment manufacturing will organise all your fabric sourcing, yardage printing and solid colour dyeing.

We source most of our fabric locally within Indonesia and have our own importing license so we can import Carvico from Italy and other fabrics from China and the United States.

Most fabrics are readily available to source in Indonesia with the exception of thick winter (wool and furs) and certain polyesters. Our commonly used fabrics incorporate Rayons, viscose, linens, cotton, silk, nylon, lyrca and a large range of blends in both knitted or woven.

Fabric printing:
Digital printing

We have our own in house Digital Sublimation printer through our sister company Palm Printing Co we now accept printing as a stand alone service. We have a fantastic range of Polyester blend fabrics available as well as accepting your own fabric to be digitally printed. Our printing is the perfect solution for Active wear, swimwear & home furnishings (both indoor & outdoor). 

We have printed fabric for many swimwear labels, including the picture to the right from our client www.isleofwhite.co in addition to yoga wear labels and gymwear labels.

We are able to source just the right fabric for your swimwear needs from our trusted suppliers, and print to a high quality resolution onto the fabric. We have a speedy turnaround too, with a minimum of two days to obtain your printed fabric.


Batik and traditional wax stamp printing

A traditional South-East Asian printing method has always been a favourite in our company as it embodies the ethnic experience within a fabric. The colours are mesmerizing and a great deal of beauty can be concocted from the imperfections and abstract nature of Batik printing. 

Everything about Batik is traditional we even still use natural wax harvested from Honey Bees, the main ingredient in creating the wax resist dyeing and printing method.

Batik is in a league of its own and is a great medium to work with as small runs can easily be made to cater each client with only a small setup fee. A batik stamp costs about $15-$40 and a minimum run of 60meters per colour.   

Batik and traditional wax stamp printing. For the lovers of ethnic printing and boho vintage nothing highlights your collection than batik. We work with “stamp” batik which is different from “Tjanting” batik (where the motifs are hand drawn rather than stamped) Some examples of stamp batik and its designs can be seen HERE

Fabric Printing:
Screen printing

We offer a range of different fabric printing options for both short roll (low minimum) yardage printing as well as cater the large quantities of over 3000yds/ per colour or print. Our most popular option is low minimum flat bed screen printing. Our minimum quantities start as low as 120 meters per print colour which is around 45 dresses or 80 blouses in the same print. We can generally develop a new print from artwork submission to printing of sample fabric in under 2 weeks. 

  • For quantities over 3000yds/print we commission one of our high quality rotary printing mills, prices are more cost effective and higher number of colours can be achieved with this method however only a selection of base fabrics can be used.

  • Timeline for rotary printing 2-3 weeks for strike off and 4-5 weeks for printing. Most of the artwork we process for screen fabric printing is Spot colours with some CMYK (Process), if you don’t know the difference click HERE


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