Yogi & Boo Ethical Clothing Manufacturer Bali

Are you able to digitally print on fabric and how much does this cost?

Yes, we offer digital printing on a variety of woven & knitted fabrics.

We also specialise in Digital Sublimation printing as we are the first garment factory in Bali to have our own in house printer. Our sister company Palm Printing Co, www.palmprinting.co is also run by us to satisfy the printing needs from our current in house clients and also service fabric only services from the public (meaning, you don’t require garments made by Yogi & Boo, just printed fabric only).

We can print as a stand alone service or can charge on a “per item” basis if you are also manufacturing with us. As an estimate a digital printed garment is slightly more expensive than a screen printed garment. A rayon maxi dress with normal printing is roughly USD12-USD15, the same dress digitally printed would be approximately USD20-USD25.

That said, digitally printing on fabric has many benefits over screen printing.

  • Digitally printing on fabric is fast. We have a turnaround of fabric within a few days in Palm Printing, whereas screen printing takes weeks to receive printed fabric from the screen printers. Screen printing delays our production process as we are unable to do anything until we receive the printed fabric from the printers.
  • Digitally printed fabric is an environmentally clean and sustainable way to print in Bali. We encourage you to head over to a screen printers factory to see the conditions in which they work. All the excess paints are thrown directly into the rivers once the printing is finished, and the paints are absorbed straight into the printers’ skin. Their is no such risk to the environment or our team with our clean digital printing methods.
  • Digitally printed fabric has an unlimited array of colours which are able to be printed. Screen printing can only print up to 6 colours.
  • Digitally printed fabric also does not attract any set up cost. We receive your artwork and print. Screen printing attracts a fee of $75USD per screen, which the screen printers need to make.
  • Digitally printed fabric is consistent in precise printing results. Because screen printing relies on humans to press painted screens onto fabric, there is much more chance of having defect print work which may be rejected by us and will need to go back to the screen printers to be fixed. This causes delays in production which are out of our control.
  • Digital printing requires a lower printing minimum. Screen printers set their minimum printing requirements with us, so you may need to print more fabric unnecessarily to meet their minimums.
  • Digital printing is the way of the future of fast but ethical fashion. You can produce current artwork trending around the globe, very quickly and at a high print quality.
  • Digital printing is ideal for the sampling process. No unnecessary high minimums needed to print, and the swatch will match production as there is no risk of the human element mixing paints in screen printing. We just print your artwork file again.
  • Digital printing gives you perfect reruns of print for collections or styles. Your re run will look just like the first drop did, and won’t have the variation in print colors that screen printing will attract because of the human element in mixing paints to color match to your first drop.

​That said, we are still able to engage screen printing services if that is your preference for printing and we always engage the most ethical screen printers in the region.