Yogi & Boo Ethical Clothing Manufacturer Bali

Do you source & print/dye the fabric for us?

Yes, we do. We are the ONLY clothing manufacturer in Bali to have our own in-house digital fabric printing facility, printing on both natural based fabric, 100% organic fabrics and sublimation printing (polyester based fabrics).

We are a one stop clothing manufacturing, meaning we specialise in start to finishing manufacturing, from sourcing fabric to printing, manufacturing, and shipping the final product.

​We have trusted fabric suppliers and other third party suppliers that we have been working with for many years (we have been trading since 1987 in Kuta), so we are able to purchase fabric with a quality guarantee – if there are any faults in the fabric, it is easily returnable to the fabric factory and replaced instantly with no change.

​We also are a regular bulk fabric buyer from our fabric suppliers, and for very large orders, we can order direct from the fabric mill months in advance to ensure a steady stream of the required fabric is available to fulfil your order.