Yogi & Boo Ethical Clothing Manufacturer Bali

I am an established label, how do we start working with YOGI & BOO?

The first step is for us to assess feasibility. In order to do this we require for the client to submit a design brief, tech packs or spec sheets so we can provide a confidential and obligation free quote.

We will not be able to respond to any request for quotes or prices with out these items of information. Further information can be found here

​You can find a “ball park” price list below for a very general guide on what kind of costs to expect for some general items. Because each piece of clothing has so many variables, we are unable to provide accurate costs to you without seeing the design in detail. The design, printing/dying requirements, fabric to be used and amount, size range, quantity to be ordered and things like embellishments, all need to be carefully factored in when costing each piece of clothing.

​We receive many daily enquiries along the lines of “What is the cost of producing a dress like this?” accompanied with an instagram screenshot of something they like. We aren’t suited to working this way, so it would be better to research a factory who would be able to work this way.

​Once the tech pack or design brief has been submitted to us in full, we will then take approximately 7 days to respond to you for a quote